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Here at Mr India we are constantly improving our service and quality to give our customers a better experience which is why we are now proud to offer this fantastic online ordering website. You can even pay online and get your favourite curries, Biryanis and much more delivered to your home in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The Fine Art of Cooking

Mr India is in the fine art of cooking, handling these fresh authentic spices and herbs to produce an intoxicating assault on the senses. The sesuality of texture, vivid colours, mouth-watering aromas and exquisite tastes demand one`s complete undivided attention.

Celebrating the culture of food, people and places in the Indian sub-continent, our award winning team brings you the delights of classical regional dishes as well as our own unique specialities. Mr India`s principle is quite simple, using only the finest ingredients and a health concious approach to provide quality, contemporary Indian cuisine with efficient, friendly service.


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